Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's the Problem?

Corny as this may be...this is so true.

It's been a while my readers, I am so sorry.

I've been going through a storm and now I'm beginning to see the light. I will get into what storm I was going through in later posts but for now I want to share where I am with my weight loss.

I was having some yo yo issues and couldn't seem to break the 190 mark, well I am happy, no....THRILLED to inform you all I finally broke it yesterday at the weigh in...I am now 186!!!!

My problem that I was facing was my plateau, I thought I was doing everything right..working out 4 times a week and eating 6 times a day.... in moderation of course.

Then a friend told me...when you're losing weight you've got trick your body and let it know that you're not gonna lose anymore and maintain what you have at the moment and then, when the body is comfortable with it, then start losing again.

Remember when we're losing weight; for some of us we may be losing it more quickly than others, the body freaks out and begins to hold on to the fat because its not sure if it'll eat again. This made sense to me. I was holding steady between 190-192 for 7 weeks...then I tweeked my eating a habits a bit and BAM....I broke 190.

Now, when looking at a problem...dont see it as a problem but as a challenge!

Here is an affirmation, if you will, that I came across when talking about problems.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Self-Talk for Solving Problems:

I am good at solving problems. I like challenges and I meet them head on.

Problems are my teachers. They help to learn and grow. Without then,I would be going nowhere. With then, I am movng forward int he direction of my own goals.

There is no problemwhich I cannot conquer. I am string in mind, body and spirit. My will, my strength, my determination are always greater than any problem I face.

When I meet a new problem, I do not see the problem as my enemy. I know that finding the solution to the problem will move me forward in my own personal growth.

Because I know that problems are a key ingredient in my spiritual and mental education and preparation, I recognize that all problems are important to me.

I do not fear problems, I solve them. I do not ignore problems, I confront them. I do not avoid problems, I conquer them.

I know every problem holds within itself the keys to its own solution. Therefore, the better I understand the problem, the clearer I am able to see its solution.

Having problems is not a problem for me. I am confidant, self-assured, positive and determined. I always know that I am going to overcome any problem I encounter and I always do.

I am good at breaking large obstacles down into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. And I never make any problem appear to be larger than it actually is.

I never worry; I turn "worry time" into positive, constructive, "solution time." I keep my mind alert and open to all solutions and solutions come quickly and easily to me.

I have learned to recognize that many problems carry with them benefits and potential opportunities which would not have presented themselves had the problem not occurred in the firts place.

I do not seek to live a life which is free from all problems. Instead, I chosse to live a life of finding solutions and enjoying the benefits which those solutions create.

Challenges, conquer, solutions and win are words which I live by daily. "Challenges" are opportunities. "Conquering" them is the inevitable outcome. "Solutions" are the stepping stones to my success, and "Winning" is my way of life!

Author Unknown

So there you go my readers....look at those problems from a different angle and you'll conquer them without an issue.

"Til me next entry and until then...

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