Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for the trials & tribulations that I have experienced in my life throughout the years, from the heartaches, to the tragedies & even those setbacks. Each one of those experiences has help mold & shape me into the woman I am today. If it weren't for any of those situations, I wouldn't know how to turn to God for strength.  For it was in my moments of weakness that God saw all the potential in me to help inspire the lives of others. It was in those  moments of darkness that I found an everlasting relationship with God, who shined His luminous light upon me to give me hope that the best was truly yet to come.

 I once saw a quote that said, "God gives His hardest battles to His toughest soldiers." 
Because of those trials & tribulations, I now wear my armor with Pride, for I now know that no weapon ever formed against me shall ever prosper because as long as God is for me, who dare be against me! 
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What are YOU grateful for?

Stay Blessed, Mi Gente!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

31 Status: Priceless

31 Status Queen is truly Priceless; she should be cherished

Hello My Readers,

You’ve all witnessed how my journey has evolved me into an improved and better version of myself, though not easy, it sure continues to be worth it.

This journey has taken me to places I never imagined nor thought possible. Though it may seem that the road has been an single path, it really has become several, each leading to a different part of me that needed some attention.

One of the roads that my journey has taken me on… has been my walk with God.

I was raised in a Catholic church my entire life,so I assumed I had a great understanding of our Heavenly Father.

I attended mass every Sunday. I sat in the pews with my Mother, my Grandmother & my Great Grandmother; all who wore veils on their heads, recited verses and prayed.  I did years of catechism, memorizing scriptures and verses in hopes that at the age of 9, I’d elevate to the next “level”…that level being my First Communion.

When I stood before these three generations of strong, faithful Catholic women and recited the “Aposotle’s Creed”, they lit up with such pride & could not wait to see me in my mini bride’s dress, white dainty gloves & veil as I stepped before God and accept my first communion.
Truth be told those were just words to me & I didn’t really under stand what the “Creed” was and what it meant.

When my ex husband and I were married, I hadn’t received my confirmation and not only had he not but he also hadn’t received his First Communion; therefore, before we could get married in a Catholic church (*My Mother’s dream) we had to attend “classes” …translation…catechism for adults. We attended classes faithfully and again, it was in hopes to be elevated to THAT next “Level”…being married in “The Church”. (*by the way, classes were on Sunday and conflicted with the football schedule…needless to say, the man was NOT happy with that).
In those classes, most of us were couples about to be married so the instructor touched a bit on the Proverbs 31 woman , however, explained no more than that she was the “ultimate woman” and that we, as wives,  should model ourselves after her.
Once again, they were just words and didn’t resonate to mean anything to me.

Today, 35 years later, from my first communion to being divorced… I am now having a better understanding of it all.
Being divorced was something I never expected of my life…but it is what it is. So, instead of beating myself up on what went wrong ( and… boy did I)…I am choosing to learn.

My walk with God has been the best teaching I have ever experienced. He is showing me where I may gain more knowledge and wisdom to insure that those mistakes, that happened in my marriage, will never happen again.
One of my lessons has been the studying of the Proverbs 31 woman; the actual study…. verse by verse, word by word. Also, what it truly means to be a God-Fearing woman and to be equally yoked with your mate. It truly has been enlightening and I am so excited to see the changes happening within me.

I came across the blog entry below that gives a layman’s understanding of the Proverbs 31 Woman.
 It was written by the blogger’s husband (Whom she was so proud to brag about…as wives, we should always speak of our husbands with praise…yes, even when they annoy us to no end…but I’ll get more into that as I further my education on this subject)

Hope you enjoy the piece as much as I did and leave this blog with a better understanding of who the Proverbs 31 woman is…who truly is Priceless.

As Always Mi Gente:

Be Inspiring, Be Inspired

A God Fearing Woman by Zack Hale

We have called the woman in Proverbs 31 a virtuous woman because that is what religion has called her for many years, when all this does is sell that woman short. A virtuous woman is defined by what she does not who she is. A God fearing woman is a woman that is defined by who she is not what she does. A God fearing woman has virtuous outward characteristics as a result of being the bride of Christ. A God fearing woman is woman with a heart for God. This is the Proverbs 31 woman. God is about starting on the inside and working outward; not starting outward and working in. Jesus said it best when he said that no one puts a new patch on an old garment. We try to patch our lives with new habits and characteristics when in fact we are still the old person on the inside. All this will do is tear us apart like a new unshrunk patch on an old garment. The woman in Proverbs is a woman that has the characteristics that we read about only because she is a woman after the heart of God; and not a woman that has patched her outward self together to make herself try to look good.

I believe this woman is the same woman that Solomon is chasing after and wooing in Song of Solomon. He had hundreds of other women that he could have fallen in love with but he chose her. He chose her because she was beautiful from the inside out (God fearing) instead of her beauty that is on the outside that is trying to cover up the inside. In short her love for God is what made her beautiful to him. In Song of Solomon, the king is only able to see the beauty of his true love and describe her outward beauty because her inward self was not mucking it up.

Proverbs begins with a seven-verse prologue that tells us the purpose of these writings. And in chapter one verse seven we get the theme of the entire book, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge and wisdom.” Throughout the rest of the book we get snippets of what it means to fear the Lord. We are even told throughout what a God fearing woman looks like. In chapter seven we are shown her antithesis. We are shown the attributes and characteristics of what a woman that does not fear God looks like and the effect this type of woman will have on others. Many times her outward beauty and her positive attributes will cover up the lack of her love for God but in the end this is always revealed.

Finally in chapter 31 we have the culmination of what outward effects and characteristics of a woman that fears God looks like. The writings in Proverbs end where they started. Chapter one verse seven gives us the command to fear the Lord and the last chapter shows a picture of a woman who fulfills this command. Chapter 31, verse 30 shows us this and also stresses the point again about it being a matter of the heart and not a matter of outward characteristics. No woman can live every day fulfilling the descriptions set forth in chapter 31. That is why the writer of Proverbs begins and ends with showing us that it is a heart for God that in turn is reflected in our lifestyle and not a lifestyle that is trying (but failing) to please God. This type of lifestyle (chapter seven woman) will never be able to convince or force that person’s heart to desire God.

Proverbs 31

Verse 10 Cannot be bought out
Verse 11 Trustworthy/Dependable
Verse 12 Consistent
Verse 13 Hard worker/Does not complain
Verse 14 Others are always glad to see her
Verse 15 Does not waste time
Verse 16 Thrifty/good steward
Verse 17 Improves herself
Verse 18 Insightful
Verse 19 Utilizes her talents
Verse 20 Giving/Generous
Verse 21 Prepared
Verse 22 Modest/Respectful
Verse 23 Makes a good name for her family/allows husband to be her leader
Verse 24 Ministers to others not just her family
Verse 25 Happy with her life
Verse 26 Quick to listen/Slow to speak
Verse 27 Rears Godly children
Verse 28 Encouraging
Verse 29 Separates her lifestyle unto God (not just her heart)
Verse 30 Not vain
Verse 31 Does good in secret

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for my heart: for no matter how many times it's been broken, it still manages to function & beat, helping me to realize that as long as it is beating & I'm breathing...someone needs me in their world & my dreams will come to pass....because God is NOT done with me yet!

What are YOU grateful for?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for My Comadre Jenny: From "I Do" to "I'm Done"...she held my hand in the beginning & has never let go. She has been witness to every single pivotal moment in my life & never once questioned my sanity..even when I wasn't sure myself, she has always been there to remind me that "All is well"! A sisterhood that truly has been blessed by the hand of God. #fromannoyancetocomadres #sisterhood #soulmate #rideordie 

What are YOU grateful for?


The picture that reveled to her where we were headed for 
her 21st birthday celebration

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finale: Destination Unknown

To Be Revealed 10/10/2013 @ 11:00pm PST

On September 30th, my Princess turned 21...we have been celebrating ever since...birthday weekend Her Dad took her to ring in 21 in her hometown in NYC with family (*She was born in Cali but her soul is a straight up New Yorker, no doubt)..last week She, my son, her Nina & close friends did a 5K to continue celebrations. 

Now we have come to the last leg of the celebrations...the Finale. Her Godmother & I decided to take her outta town to celebrate big...Destination Trip Unknown. 

This has been 6 months in the making...we leave tonight so stay tuned on how we reveal to her where she is headed!!! Follow me on Instagram for reveal photos: Bonita_Reina78

My Beautiful Princess
10/5/2013-Black Light 5K 2013 -Pomona, CA

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Grateful Wednesdays: The Attitude of Gratitude

Hola Mi Gente,

I have noticed through various news feeds a lot of negativity of what people don’t have rather than what blessings they do have…so I would like to turn it around into the positive of...
What are you Thankful for?  

*FYI…there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Therefore, I have to decided to start something new here, on my blog & on my Facebook page… 

Grateful Wednesdays: The Attitude of Gratitude”

When I post “Grateful Wednesdays: The Attitude of Gratitude” , Please comment what you are grateful for.

What I hope to accomplish is that if people start to show Gratitude for what they have, that more blessings will appear to them & they'll get rid of the:
 “…when it rains, it pours” Attitude.

Never forget, Mi Gente, there is someone out “there” praying for the life you have….always show gratitude…even in the smallest thing for it may be something grand to someone else.

As always, remember to...
Be Inspiring, Be Inspired

Official Grateful Wednesdays: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am GRATEFUL for my children: their laughter, their tears, their honesty, their hugs, their smiles, their crazy sense of humor but most of all... I am grateful for their Love and reminding me what a blessing it is to be their Mother.

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