Monday, May 08, 2006

Tragos Amargos

Today was a hard wedding is 2 months and a week away and the pressure is starting to get to me. My Bachlorette Party is in two weeks...Vegas Baby!!!! The fitting for my wedding is ina few weeks...still losing weight...ugh!!!
So, let me tell you about what happened...Michael and I get out of church and decide to go to brunch at El Torito. So we're eating then some Mariachi come in and start to sing...when i hear the melody...I felt myself go back in time to when i was 8-9 years old when we lived in Santa Ana...the song was Ramon Ayala's, Tragos Amargos. It took be right back to that time...when i used to sleep at my grandmother's house and she'd get up at 430 am and make flour tortillas from scratch. she'd be playing that song and sing along with him and when it was time my aunt and i would wake up and eat the 1st tortilla with butter (cuz all Mexicanos know you always throw away the 1st one from the batch, but she'd let us have it) after we were done, we'd go right back to bed and wake up when it was time to go to school. Well when i heard it..i started to cry. It just reminded me how both my grandparents aren't alive to see me finally walk down the aisle. I know they'll be watching but it won't feel the same. They past away before seeing any the grandchildren get married.

"Te fuiste no se porque, Yo se que me querias y si que me adorabas...por si acaso quieres regresar..te voy a esparar...te voy a esparar...."

wheww....I miss my grandparents...I love you Abuelo and Abuela (Ama')...may you watch over me on my wonderful day and know...que siempre estaran en mi corazon...

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