Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude 

You'd think our gratitude for our parents would be automatic...truth of the matter is... it isn't. It's a conscious effort that I wish I had done more of when she was alive. My mother wasn't the best mother in the world & don't get me wrong I am in no way speaking ill of my Mom. She did the best she could to raise my brothers and I. 
I was told, that on my wedding day, someone had given her a compliment regarding me...they told her, "you did an amazing job raising your daughter" they said she paused a bit while looking at me and responded, "No, I had nothing to do with that, my daughter raised herself to be the lady she is...boys? Boys I could raise but what you see...that beautiful vision was all her".  

I wish I had known about that conversation  when she was alive because I would've corrected her. I am the way I am because of who my mother was. She was a woman that showed me strength, courage, respect & fear...she is the reason my Faith in God is so strong. It was because of her Faith in Him that we all knew that God would always provide & He always did. 

No, Mami, you may not have shown me to be a Girl's Girl...but you did raise me to me one helluva Strong, Faithfilled woman and for THAT I am forever grateful....Thank you.

I miss you, every second of every minute of every hour every day! I love you, Mami. 

What are you grateful for?

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for my brothers.
You all have shown me what it means to love unconditionally. You have taught me how to laugh even when I think there is nothing to laugh about . You have taught me the meaning of family, through the highs, the lows and all the roller coaster rides, we stick together.
You have taught me what it means to be more than a sister but also…a mother.

Below is a poem I wrote especially for you five, I love you!

My Brothers, My Sons

We came from the womb of a Queen.
I was five when the first of you arrived
She handed you to me and said “This is your gift’
I held you tight with all my might
I knew I always wanted to take care of you.

I was away when the second one arrived
I ran home and couldn’t wait to see you
She handed you to me and said “He will care for you”
I looked at you with such amazement
And knew I was blessed to have you too.

I was angry when the third one came
Everyone told me I’d no longer be the only Princess
That God was going to give the family another
I couldn’t look at our Queen; as she carried you
You were going to replace me and I was upset
The day you were another prince.
She handed you to me and said “ You didn’t like him., but you’ll love him”
I looked down at you and forgave myself for not
Wanting you.

The twist and turns that life had given our family
Had fate take over and turned a cousin into a brother.
The love that family has will never break the bonds
That we all have begun to share.

I was an adult when the fourth was announced.
This time I was okay if I had to share the throne.
However, again fate had a different plan for she would be a he.
She handed you to me and said, “He will complete you all”
I looked down at you and my heart open up more.
I knew I would love you just as much as the ones before.

I watch you all grow from infants to men
I was there to protect you from punishments
But the first to scold you when you all behaved wrong.
God had given you all to me as my brothers.
Who would love me, defend me, care for me, fight with me,
Argue with me, be scared of me, confide in me and cry with me.

Yes, you’re my Brothers but my Heart says…You’re my Sons!!

“We are linking by blood, and blood is memory without language”-Joyce Carol Oates

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful Wednesday: The Attitude of Gratitude

I am truly grateful for the amazing organization...Journey to Worthy.  2012 was the year of change in more ways that I ever thought possible. The Summer of 2012 will always be the known as the Summer that changed my life forever. June 23, 2012 was the first Journey to Worthy workshop I attended. I went in expecting one thing only to discover...Me! 
A true serendipity moment. 

I have thanked God every day since that He placed this phenomenal dream in Darnella Ford, who, with her hard work and determination has made it a reality. Journey to Worthy has helped me to discover all the amazing things that I truly am worthy of from being a woman, a mother, a sister, a friend and a writer. I have been blessed to share the message with as many people who will listen. 

God places people in our lives for two reasons: a blessing or a lesson. Darnella and Journey to Worthy have proven to be both! I Am grateful everyday for you, Queen! Thank you. 

What are YOU grateful for?

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