Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Open Letter to Significants

I was out this weekend in a dual role...a girl hanging with her girls at a tea party and a woman out on the town enjoying the LA night life.

Girls day was great...catching up while sipping champagne, tea and nibbling finger sandwiches is always good.
But what really prompted me to write the open letter was the following sight.
We walked into a little dive know the kind...where everyone dances like no one is watching and the drinks are so cheap, you can get your face numb by just drinking two.
Well to the side was a nice looking couple...he had his arm wrapped around her waist and her arm laid comfortably on his shoulder. The band hadn't started yet; they both were whispering in one another's ear as they people watched. They laughed and chuckled, the more they laughed the closer he pulled her to him.

They then find two open seats and he pulls the chair out for her and she sits down. The band starts to play and as they do...I witness the sweetest thing...he begins to play with her hair...while she was singing along with the band he takes a quick glimpse at her and smiles; I think I could feel his heart skip a beat. She leaned closer to him as if to lay her head on his shoulder and THAT sight took my breath away. After the band played a couple of sets, he whispered something in her ear, she nodded and they both got up and proceeded to walk out, all along he had his arm wrapped around her waist as if to let everyone know, "Yes, she IS with me!"

That image is forever burned in my mind. It's stuff like that that most of us women yearn for....what is that, you ask?.....What else, but Romance.

It was romantic the way he whispered in her ear, the way he played with her hair and the way he held on to her with one arm.

This open letter is for all you husbands, boyfriends, lovers and significants.

Dear Mates,

I would like to know what happens when the thrill of the chase is done? Or the Courting stops?

Before you get us...the doors are open for us, the chairs are being pulled out for us, the hand holding is tender, the hair is being swept from our face, flowers are being sent and eye contact was always there....but once you get all stops.

Do you think we don't need that anymore? Do you think that because we said yes to you, the romance stops? What makes you think we don't want those small gestures anymore?

I loved it when the car door was being opened for me, or when the door was being held open for me to walk through before you....and the flowers??? I Love Roses and Peonies...but that too is no longer.

OH! OH! and when we're walking on the side walk....WE...meaning us women, WALK ON THE INSIDE NOT the aint a pimp and we aint for sale!!!!

I know I'm sounding bitter but watching them...made me realize what I was missing....and that was romance.

Also, Mates....I know it seems we tend to harp on all of you around Valentine's day, it’s only because that's the one day that we expect to the get the romance we're missing all year long. Now imagine if you did all these small gestures throughout year??? Valentines day, would be just another day...a day you don't have to fork out $100 for dinner, roses or chocolates.

So, in closing...remember to keep the romance'd be surprised how far a lil hair swiping outta our faces can get you. Because if you don't see the Queen you have in front of you, someone else will…..and THAT'S real talk.


A Hopeless Romantic

PS Ladies, this should go without saying…but this also applies to you…it’s the little things you do that will keep him looking at you as if it were the first time all over again.

So there it open letter...and then they wonder why we love movies like The Notebook, The Twilight series or the's because we yearn for that mushy stuff....*sigh*

Okay...I'm out till the next until then remember to:

 Be Inspiring, Be Inspired


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