Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Maid of Honor, Jenny

Do I really need to introduce this Great woman to you guys.. okay..i will...My Maid of Honor is my Comadre Jenny. Who better to stand by me than someone who seen me go through some crazy ass crap in my life (see below under, "My Bestest Friend"..;-) )

She will stand by my side as I marry the man I had asked God for.

Through good and bad and no judgements.
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My Matron of Honor, Maria A.

You've all seen this great woman before..this is My Maria (as Michael and I refer to which we are talking about, mine or his...just when you thought his and hers was just limited to towels)
When I lived in LA, Maria was a strong back bone for me and helped me to survive. It's only right that she stand up with me along with Jenny. She is truly my Sister!!!
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My Bridesmaid, Trina

Here is my sweetheart of dear friend who is one of my Bridesmaids...Trina was one of the girls that I met when I moved to Los Angeles. I 've always said Trina is so spiritual that if I needed to speak to God I could talk to Trina and my message would get to him...I love you gurl!!!! Posted by Picasa

My Bridesmaid and Michael's Best Friend, Maria

Here we have ANOTHER Bridesmaid, Maria. Maria is Michael's Best Friend from college, she is the first person from Michael's friends that I met and hit it off perfectly.
This picture is from her wedding in 2005, Michael was a groomsman.
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From Rivals to Bridesmaid

Oh, here is another dear friend, Brenda. Brenda and I met oh..what is like 7 years ago, because of a boneheaded ex i had..Okay ready for this...My ex (no, not Milton) broke up with me to date Brenda, then later cheated on both of us with the other..did you get that? He later would tell us lies about one another so we'd end up hating each other...instead through God's Grace..we became very good friends.
This picture was taken at her wedding in 2005, I was one of her Bridesmaids...Brenda is also one of my Bridesmaids..

"From Rivals to Bridemaids"
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The two Men in my life...

Okay, I'm back...Here are the two most wonderful men in my life...on the left my future Husband, Michael (hey Baby) and on the best friend til the day I die, Milton. There is nothing I wouldn't do for both these men. The one on the right was the first to ask me to marry him and the one on the left will be the last!!!! I love you!!!! Posted by Picasa

My Bridesmaid, Sofia

I'm back... the lovely lady to you left is Sofia, another Bridesmaid and Milton's sister (he has no more), the gentleman in the middle is Marilu's (on the right) Husband, Silvio. What you want to knwo who Milton back... Posted by Picasa

My two other Bridesmaids, Nancy & Estela

Here are two more bridesmaids (which happen to be Milton's other sisters) Nancy is one of my processors (yes, we work together) Estela's daughter, Vanessa is my one of my Juniors..remember you met her earlier...hold on be back.... Posted by Picasa

My Bridesmaid, Marilu

Here we have one of my dearest friends (who is like a sister to me) Marilu is my ex boyfriend, Milton's sister....yeah I know very Jerry Springer...not done...will be right back.... Posted by Picasa

My Bridesmaid, Natalie and Groomsman, Frank

Here is my Baby Brother and his Lovely wife.....
The both will be part of my wedding...which I am so happy about. I am the only girl out of 5 and so Natalie is my only sister (for now...)
Thank you guys..I love you!!!
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My Two Junior Bridesmaids

These two lovelies are my Junior Bridesmaids...on the left is mu niece Vanessa and on the right is my daughter, Isis. The are both 13 years. WOW!!! how times flies..I remember when they were just babaies which seems like just yesterday (could I be any more of a cliche?)  Posted by Picasa

Rough Day at Work was a rough day..if I hadn't told you already i'm in the mortgage industry and the end of the month is our most crucial time of the month because we're trying to get a lot of loans funded so we ALL could get paid. was rough because I had 3 deals fall out and I missed my friggin bonus because of that...that money would have come in handy for the wedding. Ugh..
it really pisses me off.

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