Friday, September 15, 2006

Buonasera mie amici!!! I'm taking Italian!!!

Tonight was my first night of Italian class and I'm going to love it. I've been practicing all day with mie migliore amico, colpevole di redrum, who by the way has been a huge help. I take the class and all he has to do is is humor me and my emails.
The teacher is a native of Italy and has the great accent. I so want to go to Italy, the romance of the country can just captivate you. Uhhhh...i wish i had gone earlier in life, but going now would be fine too. At least I'll be going, God willing, next year.
When i do go, I'm going to hit every negozio di scarpe (those of you who know me should know what I'm talking about) I could find.
I'm beat so off to bed i go...Buonanotte...Ciao

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