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It started with a kiss...Eighty Years Ago

Papa & Mama Morales of Guadalajara, MX

80 years later and they're still in love as the day they said "I Do"

When I first heard about this beautiful couple it was a year ago. My divorce had just been final and I was struggling with the question: Do people still grow old with their one true love?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love…LOVE. I thought maybe this dream wasn’t in the cards for me…maybe there isn’t such a thing.

Maybe…just maybe I am destined to be alone…not that there is anything wrong with that, because if that’s God’s will…then it’s God’s will and I am okay with that.

But deep in my soul I knew that wasn’t the case; God must have sensed my doubt  because then I started to come across various stories and pictures of couples that had been married 40, 50, 60 years before one of the spouses had passed away. All their stories were pretty much the same… how they loved each other til the day God called one of them home.

Then I was told first hand of a beautiful couple from Guadalajara Mexico who had been married over 70 years and BOTH are still alive

It was when I started working with their granddaughter, Johanna Aceves. She had casually mentioned how her grandfather was 100 and her grandmother 99 and been married “ a long time”.  Hearing about their love I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I began to cry. My soul began to sing because it was filled with hope once again. I had every intention to write about them then, but it never happened and now I know why.

This month the loving couple has celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary…80 years together! WOW!

 I can only imagine all that they have been through… not only as a couple but as individuals as they watch the world around them transform into what it is today.

Below is a conversation that took place between Johanna’s mother and her 101 year old grandfather on Easter:

*NOTE: I translated the convo in English…as best as this “pocha” could do ;-P

Daughter: Hola Dad, how are you?

Dad: Hola Mija great, just here with your mother. How are you?

Daughter: I’m good just here working

Dad: Oh how I wish I could do that too! but my legs are too tired now, I’m too old now! i wake up have breakfast with your mother, we sit in the living room and hold hands, I take her out for walks to the plazita and come back to the house….we have lunch, sit around the living room until it’s time for bed. . I don't know what I would do without her. If anything were to happen to her...I pray God take me at the same time because to live a minute without her, for me, is not living. When it's our time, I want to be buried with her, NOT beside her but in the same casket...together.

Daughter: Dad, if that truly is your desire...when that time comes...I will make sure your wish is fulfilled.

When Johanna came into work that Monday and shared this conversation with me…I cried because THAT is absolute true blue, unconditional love. This is a love that we should all, no matter how long we have been married, to strive for.

I believe God had Johanna share the story not to tell me how long they been married….but to share HOW  they love and that’s….unconditionally.

So my question was: Do people still grow old with their one true love?

And He answered: YES!

Johanna was kind to send me the pictures of her grandparents and ‘some” of the family members

10 kids-(Burgandy) 52 grand kids (Navy Blue) 102 great grand kids (Green) 17 great great grandsons (Orange)

A very special blessing to the Morales Lineage (Children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren…etc)

You all have been truly blessed to come from such a loving union that was truly touched by the hand of God. My prayer for each and every one of you is that you all be just as blessed and strong rooted as the “roots” that started this loving family tree. Stay Blessed always and in ALL ways!

Johanna thank you for sharing the most loving part of your family you have no idea what this has done for my soul. 

*with all the couples that have been married 50, 60 & 70 years going viral...Let's get Papa & Mama Morales out there, too. Please share their beautiful love around the world.

 Happy 80th Wedding Anniversary, Papa & Mama Morales!!!

As always Mi Gente, continue to:

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