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The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas

With Christmas arriving closely around the corner, most of us will take the time to reflect on the season as we shop for everyone on our list.
We carefully look at our list as though we’re helping the jolly man with his job; we check it once, we check it twice and we make the determination of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.
We review the wish list and make two columns: there’s the “doable” list and the “what the heck were they thinking” list.
We scratch our heads as we decipher the column’s inventory.
What happen to the days of wooden toy trucks, jack in the box’s, rock’em sock’em and dolly wet a lot?
Now, we’re being asked for Xbox 360’s, Wii stations, computers, iPads, and even a trained messenger bird was on the list of my 7 year old.
And as you review the list of friends that you will shop for, do you buy a gift in hopes they will return the same gesture? or do you feel obligated to buy a gift because someone you didn’t expect to get one from gave you one?

As I type this, I’m reminded of the selflessness of the couple from “Gift of the Magi”
She with long beautiful flowing hair, which reminded you of Rapunzel and he with a pocket watch which was that of a family heirloom.
She eyed a stunning set of hair combs and he of a chain for his watch.
Neither had enough money to purchase the other the gift that they wanted, so they sacrificed to make the other happy.
Christmas morning arrived, each presented their gift to the other.
With excitement they looked at their carefully wrapped presents, asking themselves “What could to be?” however more excited to see the joy in the other than they felt within themselves.
She wearing her bonnet, unwraps the gift he gave her and there they were the stunning hair combs she had eyed earlier in the season. He with excitement asked her put them on so he could see how they looked, she undid her bonnet and the flowing hair that once ran down to the small of her back, was not longer there, she had sold her hair to pay for his gift.
She asked him to open his gift to see what her hair had paid for and as he did, tears streamed down his face as he saw what it was….the chain for his watch that he had eyed earlier that month.
You see he had sold his watch to pay for her hair combs.
Neither was upset for they showed how much they really loved each that by sacrificing what they felt was their most prized possession.

That is what the Christmas season means to me….it’s not about receiving but that of giving, and giving whole heartedly without seeking anything in return.
The excitement I feel each time I present someone with a gift is the same excitement I felt on my very first Christmas.
Receiving is always nice but giving is worth so much more.

So remember this Christmas season, whether its purchasing a gift, providing a service or just being nice, please do so without expecting anything in return. The joy you feel in side after doing any of these acts will be so rewarding, you’ll feel like it’s your first Christmas all over again, too.

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