Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Lil Brother and I ALL grow'd up...

Here were are oh some 30 years later!!! I can't care for his ass no more..cause he's all grow'd up with a wifey and a son. I love you Bruh!!! Posted by Picasa

Me and my Lil Brother, Frankie

This is my Lil' Bruh Frankie and I in 1974...I was 5 and he was..I think 5 months. He was a birthday gift to me for my 5th birthday. I true live doll that I could keep and care for. Posted by Picasa

My Sista' Maria and I

Hello All,
I'd like to introduce you to Maria..THIS woman is theeee most amazing person I know. I met Maria about..oh...almost 10 years ago. we met through my boneheaded ex...whom from now on we'll refer to as "bonehead". He introduced us when Isis (my daughter) and I moved to LA with him. I didn't know anyone in LA and Maria was the first person I met. They WERE ("were" being the opperative word here) best friends.

When I first started living in LA I was a very conservative dresser (grunge and turtlenecks with blazers..ugh) It was Maria that showed me how appreciate what God had given me and not hide them. One of us likes to put them on a shelf, I won't say who, I'll just say .."It ain't ME!!!" But it did help me to have more self confidence in me as a woman. I guess that is why NOW i have wonderful Fiance' I thank HER for that? Naw...cuz she'll let that go to her head.

I never had sisters but God truly blessed me with one when I met her. She was a strong force in my left when shit with "bonehead" when REAL bad. After ALL the B.S. he put Isis and I through, Maria and I stayed very close and she cut ties with "bonehead" and she stayed in MY life. Thank you Lord. This wonderful woman is my Matron of Honor.
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Bestest Friend in the whole wide world!!!

This is my comadre Jenny (Comadre means Co-mother...she is my daughter's Godmother) I met Jenny when I was....oh let's see ..20-21..yeah 21. I couldn't stand her ass when I met her, I thought she was to friggin' perky and annoying as hell. We use to work together at...let's see if y'all remember this.. Jay Jacobs at Lakewood Mall. WOW!! long time ago. But after 6 hours working together in the store during inventory...she grew on me and she has been my bestest friend since.

She never judges when I screw up or feel like shit because I did. She's the first one I told I was pregnant when I couldn't tell anyone. She even tried to make me believe she was helping me "plot" my escape from my family to secretly have the baby in Chicago and she would raise her as her own. (no, this was not a episode of "All My Children" wait maybe it was and that's where I got this genious idea) She is truly a blessing in my life and I hope my daughter is equally blessed with a best friend like her. As you can see I had my daughter and never told her Jenny was her real mother...Just kidding!!!!She is also my Maid of Honor!!!! I love you Gurl!!! Posted by Picasa

Okay, think I'm good at this...

So, I think I can get this "Blog" thing down. I looooove to write and the one thing I always wanted was for people to read what I had to say.

Isn't it funny how when men get sick they think they are dying? My fiance has a cold and he swears he's on his death bed. Men. "Honey, rub my back" Honey, massage my head? Baby, can you make me some soup...ppllease..." Us women...what are we doing when we're sick? We get the kids ready for the sitter, we attempt to put some sort of makeup on, manage to put a decent outfit together to go to work and we make the kids breakfast (okay...wait that some one else, I don't cook), well anyway you get the point. we still manage to do all this and not to mention save the world in the middle of being sick without even breaking a sweat. Damn...we're near darn invinceable (Is that right? it's late, I worked a 13 hour day and I can't think if the word is spelled right)...God love them...I guess that's why we were sooooo blessed to bare children, because they of course couldn't handle it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


WOW!!!! You actually logged on to read about me? Well let me not disappoint you and think there is nothing to read.
I am a 36 (will be 37 on August 9th) If you know your zodiac signs you'll know that I am a Lioness...roar!!! A true protector of her family and the ones she loves!!! I am a proud Latina!!! Mexican/Italian to be exact but raised more as a Latina eating frijoles and tortillas and yes tamales at Christmas. I have two BEAUTIFUL children. A daughter whom I named Isis...yes A true princess who will become Queen. Then we have my Prince....Michael Anthony..."Mikey" for short. Who is truly a royal pain in the ass to this Queen. A King? But of course, his name is Michael, a Nuyorican ( Puerto Rican, born and raised in New York). We are not married...yet. Our BIG day is this July on our 7 year anniversay...I got lucky enough that the day fell on a Saturday. We live in South Orange County...some of you may know it as the O.C. (yes, two people from the barrio and the projects of New York live a hop, skip & a jump from Newport and Laguna) TTFN!!! (Ta Ta For daughter taught me that one). Let see how this goes, if i could post it with out losing anything I wrote ( I went to the Fashion Institute...not ITT...hehehee)

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I'm a writer that writes from the heart...and emotion (ergo, the name of my blog). Most of what I write about, I have had first hand experience in. Anything I review does not say I am an expert...I only write what I THINK and whether I like it or not! Not how the rest of the world should think or feel. I am Mexican/Italian and a Leo..again..why my blog is called the World of Emotion!! Hope you enjoy what I have to say and/or review. Enjoy!