Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello My Readers....I know its been a while, my apologies but I've been gathering my thoughts on how I wanted to start this year off.

Well first things first...As most of you are aware January 1st was the anniversay of my Mami's marked two years that she hasn't been with us, though it was a rough one for us, it turned out to be sweeter than I could have ever anticipated.

My Best Friend's daughter was born....a month premature on this day, January 3rd, 2011; and because it was a girl...I will become Godmother to her. My first Godchild! Talk about a huge blessing. I tell everyone that my Mami wanted to send me down a gift on her birthday, she asked God and he granted the request and they sent down the best gift anyone could have asked angel.

It was definitely a bitter-sweet moment and one that I will cherish till the day I die and after!

At the request of his and his family I will not post any pictures of her yet, he promised to let me know as soon as I could. So they will be coming soon...I hope.

So, now the next topic....for the year!

My weight loss journey...if most of you have read I've been battling my weight for years...since I was in high school. I've accepted me for who I am but now as I get older I need to make sure I'm healthy for my family so they could have me around for a long time.

I'm about to do something I never thought I would....I'm about to share my numbers with you....ugh!! This means that when I hit "publish post" my numbers are out there in cyber world for all to see, judge and criticize...but you know what I say to that? So what!

I've made a conscious decision to hold myself accountable for being part of this epidemic in America called........obesity.

My Story:

No one had forced me to eat the things I have nor was I made an offer I couldn't refuse to stuff a cannoli in my mouth (sorry I couldnt resist...I just love the Godfather!)

What I can tell you is this....I'm Mexican Italian married to Puerto Rican and we ALL love food...from tamales to pernil to of course cannolis and cannot resist when they are facing us at the dinner table.

I'm not going to pretend to stand on my soapbox with my hand over my heart and vow that i will never eat another bite of these items ever again...because for me to do that would be, not only lying to you but lying to myself and then when I do decide to eat one of them...the inevitable will set in...and that is guilt!! and THAT is far more worse than me saying...yes, when they are made i will eat a tamale, or when I'm in lil Italy, I will indulge in a good cannoli or when Michael decides to venture out try his late father's pernil receipe, I will have a bite.

I've learned through the years it isn't about depriving yourself of these lil indulgences, but about how you approach it and that is with moderation.

What you will read in these postings is my honest, real emotion on how I'm about to tackle the 50 pounds that I need to lose. Not because my husband said I needed to (he accepted me as i was 11 years ago), not because the doctors told me I had to (he was happy to hear i was doing this on my own) and not because my friends were worried about me (they saw me as an ispiration). I'm doing this because I loss my mother early because she did not take care of her health; had she done that, she'd be here to see her granddaughter graduate from high school, she'd see her grandsons grow into such handsome boys, she'd see that her sons are getting on the right path to make a furture for them selves and she'd see me, her only daughter, become an inspiration for Reinas around the world to take life as we know it by the balls and claim it as our own.

So with that my readers below are pictures of my husband, Michael and myself these past three years..below are going to show my numbers: Weight, Waist, Size & BMI: ....Ave Maria, help me be okay with this before I hit "Publish Post"

Michael and I, circa 2008

Weight: 230 Waist 44 Size 18 BMI 39.50
My mother passed away 3 weeks after this was taken.
Michael and I, circa 2009

Weight 227 Waist 44 Size 16/18 BMI 39.0
The Biggest Loser at work had just started and I was angry when I stepped on the scale on saw this number staring back at me.

Michael and I, Circa 2010

Weight 197 Waist 34 Size 12/14 BMI 33.8

This is me today, so join me on this journey as I try to figure out what works for me and what doesn't. Hold my hand when I break down because I wasn't able to break through. Laugh with me when I tell you the crazy and bizarre tales I have with food. Cry with me, when I associate why I have the issues with food that I do.
Till the next posting my readers!!!
Always remember to:
Be Inspiring, be Inspired.

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