Friday, July 27, 2007

One Year Later and going strong....with God's help!!

Our one year anniversary has passed and we're going strong and can only thank God for that. It's been a rough year but without that Faith in God in our lives and in our unit I don't know if we would have made it!!!
I sent an email out earlier to my close friends expressing the love of God and that that intimacy is what one needs in their life. I know some of you may be reading this and think, "Wow she's gotten all churchy and God like..what's that about?"

If you had the year our family had, you'd know why. It's not that I am trying to get preachy with anyone, its just when people have no faith they look at their future with such a dim light, they need some hope.

Last night I was looking at my wedding video (again..I love reliving THAT moment) and our best man, whom is also my brother-in-law, said. "I look at Michael and Dleesaa and the life they have ahead of them and how fortunate they are to have found each other" something to that effect. You know what? Without Michael I don't know if my spirit would have made it this far. Its been broken, split apart, ripped apart, spit on, laugh at, to the point of What's the point? Then Came Michael....and you know what? He lifted my spirit to new heights that I could never imagine it could be lifted to and you know who did that? God..God did that. He saw that my life was dim and needed hope and he brought this amazing man in my life, who tells me, "No worry Babe, there is nothing WE can't handle together". I love him sooo much and the love that I feel for him is so deep that the Love I have for God is mucher deeper because He has allowed a love like ours to exist. That love is so indescribable because of what HE has done for me..for us and to continue to do for our family.

My wish for all of you is to have this type of Love in your hearts and tell your children NOT to be ashamed of that Love. It's that Love and love of your family that will get you through all the hurdles in life that will come your their way.

Til my next Sermon...;-)
Much Blessings,

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