Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Its just one of dem days

I'm on one of those days...have you ever had one of those days that everyone you look at is just STUPID!!!! That's where I'm at today. Certain things I can tolerate other things i can't and stupidity is definitely one that I CAN NOT tolerate. No matter how much you tell a person what can be done and what can't...doesn't matter the stupidity just takes over. UGH!!!!!
I think I told you guys that I'm in the mortgage industry and the industry gets pretty stressful especially if you have your phone ringing off the hook and every asking what's going on with their file. I had one file come to me and then the LO (loan officer) asking when are we getting docs...WHAT!!!! Muthaf%&$r!!!! we just got the file...and now your asking for docs???!!! UGH!!!
Yesterday, i had to cancel "datenight" with my best friend cuz of shit i had to do...do I regret it? HELL YA i do...i really needed that Martini...just to calm my nerves UGH!!!
I was readintg a lil about my blood type and it was telling me that MY bloodtype is common and I could give blood to ANYONE!!!! However...not just anyone can give me blood...has to my own type..why am i telling you this? Because it goes on to tell me that my blood type tends to need ANGER MANAGEMENT!!!! Is that some funny ass shit for you...I friggin need ANGER MANAGEMENT!!!! Can you imagine all those people I could give blood to? They all would be filled with my anger management needing ass blood and let out into the world!!!! See ...that's what Bush needs to do is let me give blood to the friggin armed forces and let the troops loose and point out ALL the stupid people (ANY ONE WHO HATES US)...what a happy world it would be then...
Now...as i'm re-reading this for spell check...I guess an Anger Management class wouldn't be tooooo bad..............AH HELL NA!!!!! They can KISS MY ASS!!!!!!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...today just isn't that day.

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