Monday, June 09, 2014

No Fear

You know as my 45th birthday (August 9th...yes, I know 2 months away)  approaches I ponder where my life is at & what I have accomplished thus far...*I do this every year around this time. 

 In the past, as my children were growing up, I always use to be so afraid of if my time were up I'd miss out on so much of their I'd beg God...keep me here until I see my great grand babies. 

Yesterday as I reflected...I thought for moment as a little girl how God placed two dreams in my heart that I know will still come to pass. 

However, as I thought about those dreams...I realized that I have experienced both of them already, so to speak. 

1. Write a Book that would give people hope- The book is written in my soul, just need to transfer it to paper BUT I have written so much other stuff on my Facebook page and here that you all have read & felt it was exactly what you needed at that moment the experience of having someone read my work & felt hopeful about theirs lives? Check✔️

2. Grow Old with the Love of My Life-Well I'm divorced...what does that tell you??? However, I have loved another that it felt like it was for all eternity. So experiencing a love that was greater than I ever had? Check✔️

As parents we'd want to see our children LIVE an amazing life...but all I ever hoped & prayed for regarding mine was that they were happy, that they felt loved in every possible way, that they felt safe in every situation, that they knew they were never alone...God is always with them....and you know what? They are & they do! 
So my babies happy? Check✔️

I had the money to provide everything to brands this, names brands that, had it....but God knew that I placed material items above Him and took it from me. Brought me to my knees & showed me I was at perfect place to ask for mercy & show me how to become a better person. 
Since then I have never been more happier. 

So when I looked back on my life & where I am at...I smiled, took a deep breath & said, 
"Yes Father, if today is the day that You say it's time to come home...I'm ready."

You see, Mi Gente, when you begin to truly live your life as each day is your last, THAT is when you truly begin to LIVE. No Fear! 

Don't forget, Mi Gente. Love one another, be kind & gentle to each other. 

PS I am as healthy as healthy could be. However...God does not discriminate. 

Stay Blessed always &  IN all ways!

Always Be Inspiring
Be Inspired

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